five food secrets to be younger

 An old joke goes like this: When your grandmother was young, she often ate only one kind of food. When you were young, you ate a lot of different kinds of food. Now that you are old, you only eat one kind of food. Today’s old people are often a lot like people from a century ago

Food is an essential part of our lives. It helps us stay healthy and energetic and gives us the energy and nutrients we need to perform our best. But there are food products that have been added to our food supply that have made us sick, fat and unhealthy. Food has been securized so much that it is difficult to  

find the products that are healthy and good for our bodies


five food secrets to be younger


The food we eat is one of the biggest influences on our health and wellness. Food can make us feel better, worse, and sometimes just neutral. But food can also have power over our health and well-being in other ways. For example, food can make us younger or older, healthier or sicker, fitter or less fit, smarter or dumber, taller or shorter, stronger or weaker, smarter or dumber, taller or shorter, fitter or less fit, healthier or sicker, happier or sadder.

There’s no doubt about it: food is the enemy of youth. Every day, we fill our bodies with unhealthy calories that make us feel older and grumpier. Thankfully, there are some food items that are well-known for their youth-restoring powers and slow down aging. You can use these foods to help keep your skin and hair young, your body healthy and your mind sharp.

As we get older, our bodies change and our metabolism slows down. This can mean that we need to eat more food to feel full and are more likely to gain weight. But there are certain foods that can keep your metabolism going and help you lose weight. The foods that have been shown to increase metabolism are called high-volume, low-calorie foods (HVLC foods). These foods are high in volume and low in calories. They help you feel full and keep your metabolism going. Some of the best HVLC foods include:rice, potatoes, and beans.

Food is often the source of many of our health problems, such as obesity and diabetes. But there are certain foods that have been shown to help us lose weight and keep our bodies healthy.

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